apartemo | Property Management App

The simplest way to manage your property

Add your rental property in seconds

Manage tenancies, viewings, rents, repairs and utilitiees

Keep track of expenses

Keep your bookkeeping complete and accurate Track every payment, manage accounts payable and reconcile bank accounts automatically

Integrate your bank account

Automate import of your bank transactions and allocate entries to properties, tenancies and categories

Manage tenancies

Store and manage active and historical tenancies for complete visibility Keep track of tenants, especially in HMO or multitenancy scenarios

Store documents securely

Stay organised by uploading documents to store against each property or tenancy Upload Insurance Policy, Gas Certificate or latest EPC

Rent collection

Stay on top of the rent collection Monitor due payments and send reminders to tenants



Explorer - Per Month

  • Manage up to 1 property
  • 1GB storage for documents
  • Unlimited tenants & tenancies
  • Unlimited suppliers & contracts
  • Expense tracking & bookkeeping

Frequent Flyer

Frequent Flyer - Per Month

  • Manage up to 10 properties
  • 10GB storage for documents
  • Bank integration
  • + everything from Explorer